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Famaco Suede Stain Remover and Eraser

Famaco Suede Stain Remover and Eraser

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The suede eraser by Famaco effectively gets rid of stains from suede and nubuck.
The suede eraser by Famaco gets rid of stains on your shoes without damaging the leather.

Contrary to popular belief, suede is not more fragile than smooth leather, but it can be difficult to take care of. The Famaco suede eraser deeply cleans stains from the surface of your suede shoes and is particularly effective in removing scuffs and scratches caused by impact from shoe soles. This lightly abrasive eraser wears away as you use it to intensely clean and remove stains from small to medium-sized areas of suede. This Famaco suede eraser is suitable for stain removal on suede shoes and boots, as well as other items such as a suede jacket.

Use the Famaco suede eraser while cleaning suede to remove stubborn stains. Gently rub the surface until the stain is completely gone, and use a special suede brush with crepe or brass bristles to remove residue left by the suede eraser.

The small size of the Famaco suede eraser makes it a highly practical, must-have suede care product that you can carry along anywhere you go. Store the suede eraser in a cool, dry place.



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