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Famaco Shoe Cream Gel Fa Mat - 50ml

Famaco Shoe Cream Gel Fa Mat - 50ml

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For use with oiled leathers or nubuck, the rich formulation of Famaco Gel Fa Mat in the 50ml Jar is an effective cleaner as well as a superior leather conditioner. When used as directed the unique gel permeates the oiled or nubuck leathers, lifting away soil and returning stiff or dried out leather to a soft and supple state for your comfort and style. Famaco looks back to its founding in 1931 and forwards to its boundless future as inspiration for the quality products it brings to the world today.

Take advantage of this French company's dedication to offering effective and naturally based products with a purchase from Valentino Garemi, North America's Famaco connection.

How to use: Be sure the leather is free from loose dirt before applying a small amount of the gel with a clean cloth. Work in the gel in a circular motion over the whole surface. Let dry and finish with a shining brush for smooth leather or a nubuck brush for textured.



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