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Famaco Multi Purpose Cleaning & Conditioning Spray

Multi purpose spray which can be applied to ALL materials including suede, patent and leather. Famaco Multi is an all-in-one product which cleans, renovates, and polishes. It is a simple, quick and easy, multi-use product which is great on shoes that have more than one material- such as boat shoes. A time saver, Famaco Multi works with just a few sprays. It cleans the material by removing dirt and dust, while refreshing the color and repelling stains, scuffs, and mud. 

Famaco Waterproofing Spray

The Famaco waterproof spray preserves the original beauty of your leather, suede or textile shoes by preventing water from penetrating and deteriorating them. It protects against rain and snow to prevent moisture marks and creates a protective waterproof barrier to ward off dust and keep your shoes looking clean. This liquid waterproofing spray works particularly well to protect suede shoes and won't alter their appearance, change their color or give them a wet look. The spray can make it easy to waterproof large or small leather surfaces whether it be a pair of shoes or a bag. The large can of Famaco water repellent spray is the most economical choice for your larger items, such as a leather or suede jacket.

Always use this product in rainy weather, especially at a change of season, after you have given the shoes a complete leather care treatment. If your shoes are exposed to increased moisture, you can also apply it every two to four weeks, remembering to at least remove the dust from the leather in advance. Make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area and apply the waterproof spray at a 30cm distance from the leather. Allow drying for 10 minutes. You need not brush the shoes when done.

Store your Famaco waterproof spray in a cool, dry place.

Cirage de Luxe Shoe Polish-Neutral

The Famaco Cirage de Luxe shoe polish is normally used for polishing leather. A light coat and buff will render a light shine. By applying more polish and more buffing (and much more elbow grease), one can obtain a mirror shine with a wax polish. Apply a light coat with either a dauber or a rag. Buff with a soft, clean cloth or large buffing brush. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for suede or rough-out leathers, as it will flatten the naps. 

Famaco Chamois

Famaco Chamois, an accessory for applying cleansing milks or shoe polish.

The chamois is a very useful accessory in any leather kit. It is used to apply cleansing milks, make mirror glazes... This 100% cotton utensil, 38.5x29cm, bears the Famaco logo. The softness of its fiber will bring precious care to the beauty of your shoes, bags, jackets, sofas... during its use. However, to apply shoe polish creams, we recommend shoe polishers allowing better penetration of the product and thus nourishing the leather in depth.

This essential tool is machine washable. We advise you, however, to put it with dark colored linen. Thanks to its price, its versatility and its longevity, this cotton cloth is your partner in all stages of the maintenance of your leather.



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