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Famaco Aerosol Neutral Patent Leather Oil Spray

Famaco Aerosol Neutral Patent Leather Oil Spray

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The neutral patent leather spray by Famaco is ideal for the upkeep of your patent leather shoes. Famaco's Neutral Patent Leather Oil Spray cleans and brings back a lovely shine to your patent leather shoes.

This spray is essential for the regular cleaning of patent leather and finishes the cleaning process by nourishing the leather and making it shine for an optimal result. It brings suppleness to patent leather and prevents the material from cracking with the effects of time.

Lastly, it creates a protective layer on the leather, making it very shiny whilst protecting it from dirt and moisture marks. Its neutral nature makes it extremely versatile and enables the care of patent leathers in different colors.

Use the patent leather shoe polish spray only on leather that has already been dusted. In a well-ventilated room, spray the product on the surface to be cleaned having a distance of 25 cm. Let the product soak in, then start polishing. You can polish your patent leather pieces with a soft cloth with small circular motions until you obtain a nice shine.

Keep your spray in a cool place, away from light.



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